• Thalia Tymowski

    Thalia Tymowski, a junior at James River High School, joined the Midlothian School of Rock in the fall of 2015. Photo/School of Rock

    Rockin' it at School of Rock

    We’ve all heard about the benefits of music for babies, toddlers and young children and how it can brighten their mood, benefit their brain, and boost early language and math skills. But did you know it can also help older children and teens... more

  • JohnMoreland.jpg

    Connecting & Reflecting: An Interview with John Moreland

    John Moreland, who’s scheduled to perform a Jan. 14th headlining set at the Camel, writes folk rock songs that are arresting and powerfully affecting — the kind that command your attention and open doors to emotional worlds you didn’t know were... more

  • Sid-Kingsley-1.jpg

    Photo by Joey Wharton

    Finding a Good Way Home

    Sid Kingsley has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. And he’s just getting started. Kingsley grew up in a small town in Southeast Virginia called Branchville. “Nothing to do except start fires and play music,’’ he recalled. “I’m grateful... more

  • Eric Slick

    Juggling Darkness and Light

    Seventeenth century essayist Owen Feltham wrote “Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” Looking inwardly can be especially beneficial if you’re interested in making art that pushes into unexplored creative territory... more

  • novel ideas

    Harmony and Balance: An Interview with Daniel Radin of the Novel Ideas

    The Boston-based five-piece folk group, The Novel Ideas, will be playing at Capital Ale House this Wednesday, September 13. Our own Davy Jones spoke with vocalist Daniel Radin. more

  • AfroZen LR.jpg

    Golden Devotion

    Listening to Afro-Zen Allstars means being transported to a different place, to a different time. It means joining a sublime, multicultural vision conceived by George M. Lowe, a warm, devoted autodidact I had the pleasure of speaking with recently. more

  • Beautiful 1

    Feel The Earth Move Under Your Feet

    April 25 is not SO FAR AWAY. That's when BEAUTIFUL - The Carol King Musical arrives at the Altria. That will indeed be ONE FINE DAY, provided you don't hear IT'S TOO LATE when you go to purchase your tickets. You don't want to have to sit UP ON THE R more

  • Nutzy Oscar

    And the Oscar Goes to You! Flying Squirrels Announce Nutzy Statue Giveaway

    Squirrels Invite Richmond-Born Warren Beatty To Hand Out ‘Nutzy Oscars’ on Aug.13 more

  • Nutzy

    Weekly Navigator for February 27, 2017

    Film, Food, First Friday and Fun. That might be overly simplistic, but that's what's on tap for the week. Yes, it's time for another Weekly Navigator. more

  • Piano Guys

    An Evening With the Piano Guys

    The Internet sensations, the Piano Guys, are right here in Richmond tonight? more

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