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No veggie burgers???

I cannot believe there is not a single veggie or portobello burger on this list! Do you know how many vegetarians there are in Richmond?? and how many delicious meat free options? You could do an entire second article on just veg burgers in Richmond! I wish you would!

Jane Warren more than 4 years ago

Foie Gras - really???

How disappointing that Richmond Navigator would feature a restaurant (Barnyard Burger from Lemaire Restaurant) that serves foie gras on the menu. This is an inhumane addition to any menu. Force feeding ducks is cruel and outdated. What an unsavory, unhealthy and disgusting dish for consumption. There are so many healthy and humanely created products available to choose from in the Richmond region. Richmond Navigator please promote the more wholesome Richmond restaurants next time.

SW more than 4 years ago

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