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  • Zella

    Look Chic, Feel Good

    Long gone are the days of the leotard and the sweatband. With the rise of the health-conscious individual and the promotion of brands and fitness trends via ... more

  • Fitness Food

    Reduce Your Risks for Cancer

    Most of us have a word or a series of words that terrifies us. For me, it’s “We need to talk.” This is enough to make me grab my passport and ... more

  • Ukrops Marathon Runners 10k

    Richmond’s Great Human Race

    Seven in the morning is an early start for a marathon, especially on a Saturday. It’s made even more painful when you know it’s a cool 40 degrees and dark. And did I mention, I am not a runner. Despite my own personal reservations, thousands of ... more

  • Closeup-of-a-senior-woman_small.jpg

    More Than Meets the Ears

    As I filter through my memory bank on the various stages of my life, many of my milestones are accompanied by really awesome musical scores. First date: Barry Manilow’s “Mandy.” First kiss: Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.”... more

  • Farm to Table Produce

    Courtesy of Jay Paul

    Tips for Healthy Eating

    “Shop the perimeter.” These three words contained the simplest advice I’ve ever received on healthy shopping and eating. Around the perimeter of a grocery store, you find primarily fresh foods – produce, meats and fish, and dairy ... more

  • bigstock-Proper-and-balanced-diet-to-av-84375029_thumb.jpg

    Diabetes on the Horizon? Small changes help you avoid the disease, naturally

    No adult simply wakes up one day with diabetes. Resistance to insulin is a problem that grows over time. Yet according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 37 percent of Americans – 86 million people – have the rising blood sugar levels and... more

  • foothealth1.jpg

    Feet Accompli: Keeping Your Tootsies Healthy

    Let’s step back a moment and think about our feet. Did you know that the average person will take over 200 million steps in their lifetime? That’s 110,000 miles – or four times around the world at the equator! And at each of these steps, our feet... more

  • seniors1.jpg

    Run For Your Life

    Your excuses for not jogging have now been eliminated. No longer valid are your notions of not having time, or the complete lack of similarity between you and the buff bodies on the cover of Runner’s World or Health, or that you can’t do the 30 to... more

  • lgfg1.jpg

    Look Good, Feel Good

    Healthy is beautiful! By taking great care of yourself, you enhance your beauty, both inside and out. A beautiful smile, strength and fitness, vibrancy and self-confidence – these are reflected in the way you present yourself, while bringing you... more

  • CTP2.jpg

    Running with Kids

    With a little creativity, parents can harness a child’s natural affinity for running and frolicking and use it to improve his or her health in ways that are fun for all. more

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