“I have already logged in my 10,000 for the day!” Even if you don’t know exactly what that statement means, you can bet your fitness that someone standing an arm’s length from you does. It’s the number of recorded steps that have been taken in the... more

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Long gone are the days of the leotard and the sweatband. With the rise of the health-conscious individual and the promotion of brands and fitness trends via ... more

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For each clear day that passes, another garage door window opens at a local eatery, another beer garden grows, another outdoor patio fills up. Breweries everywhere are becoming the new “outdoor activity.” Check out my guide to enjoying some great ... more


... when I received the assignment to write an article about fitness, I nearly turned it down. Noooo thank you; give me a call when you need information about perfecting microwave popcorn or the art of napping. more



Don Garber and his wife Betsy. Photo courtesy of Don Garber.

Picture yourself on a tropical beach: shimmering white sand, warm sunshine and gentle breezes, cerulean sky, crashing waves. In your vision, what are you doing? Are you lying in a lounger with a margarita and a magazine or are you hugging your... more


Healthy is beautiful! By taking great care of yourself, you enhance your beauty, both inside and out. A beautiful smile, strength and fitness, vibrancy and self-confidence – these are reflected in the way you present yourself, while bringing you... more

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Your excuses for not jogging have now been eliminated. No longer valid are your notions of not having time, or the complete lack of similarity between you and the buff bodies on the cover of Runner’s World or Health, or that you can’t do the 30 to... more

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With a little creativity, parents can harness a child’s natural affinity for running and frolicking and use it to improve his or her health in ways that are fun for all. more

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I used to have an immaculate bumper – now it’s splattered with stickers. I used to stay out late on Fridays – now I get to bed early to prepare for Saturday morning group runs. I used to be content with just enough exercise – now I’m hyped about dist more


All that shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining that had your stress hormones pumping and blood pressure rising are behind you, and the New Year is the perfect time to face that stress head-on. more

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With a multitude of exercise options out there, it’s hard to decide which is best for you. Do you want low impact or high intensity? Are you the slow-and-steady type or do you want to see immediate results? more

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