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Even in a region steeped in history, Hanover County can seem particularly fertile ground for those eager to engage with the past. Art Taylor, a member of the Hanover County Historical Society moved to Hanover in the 1970s though his family’s ... more


Maintaining Dignity and Independence at The Memory Center

Imagine waking each day and not remembering where you are or what happened the day before. Imagine looking into the face of your beloved grandchild and not remembering her name. It can be quite scary, not just for the one who suffers from some ... more

Jul 15, 2016 4:05 AM SENIORS

Last summer, Richmond became home to a one-of-a-kind playground and park. The ARCpark is uniquely designed to accommodate individuals of varying ages and abilities. Most of its playground features are handicap accessible. In fact, there is a ... more

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Dave Parrish

Speaking means believing when you’re speaking with Stephen Lecky, festival manager for the local non-profit organization, Venture Richmond. Lecky’s enthusiasm is so contagious, and his love for live music is so apparent. It’s as if those qualities... more


Blue Man Group Returning to Richmond

Feeling a little blue? Great, Tickets go on sale March 25th for the Blue Man Group more

Mar 24, 2016 10:15 AM ENTERTAINMENT

It happens to every parent. The kids are full of energy, and your home cannot contain them any longer. It’s time to get out and find something to do. Fortunately, the West End has no shortage of parks and businesses ready to offer some relief. more


Cheswick Park

Courtesy of Henrico County Recreation and Parks

Where's a family to go in Richmond, Virginia's West End to have fun while utilizing the energy that kids are so filled with? more


Farm to Table Produce

Courtesy of Jay Paul

“Shop the perimeter.” These three words contained the simplest advice I’ve ever received on healthy shopping and eating. Around the perimeter of a grocery store, you find primarily fresh foods – produce, meats and fish, and dairy ... more

Health & Wellness

Chesterfield History Lectures: Figures from the Past

The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia (CHSV) presents its ninth annual winter lecture series, every other Friday at 7 p.m. from Jan. 8 through March 18. The 9th annual CHSV Winter Lecture Series takes place in the Community Hall at ... more

Jan 8, 2016 7:00 AM ENTERTAINMENT

There’s more to ease the soul than the easy, rhythmic sounds of The Wilhelm Brothers. The lyrics nurture hope and light hearts as well. On Jan. 28, 7 p.m., the Asheville, North Carolina-based duo will bring their inspirational folk rock to ... more


Dec 19th: Please come join us for our 5th Annual Cars & Coffee Richmond Toys for Tots gathering at Regency Square Mall. more


Roanoke Pinball Museum

Photo: Don Peterson

You probably recall the fun of playing a pinball machine: the shiny steel ball skittering from bumper to bumper, into kickers and slingshots, hitting targets when you were lucky and slipping past your flippers when you weren’t. All the while... more


Did our article Movable Memories peak your interest? Then don't miss this years Classics on the Green at the New Kent Winery. more


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