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    Small Town Virginia: Getting Real in Farmville

    Chances are that you’ve heard of Farmville. No, I’m not talking about a game that you play on your smart phone. I’m not talking about virtual reality. I’m talking about reality, itself, which is somewhat novel these days. I’m talking about what... more


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    You Won’t Believe the “New” Norfolk

    I was all set to do our annual May article on summer beach travel. You know, I was going to say something about there being lots of sand and sun and waves and all that. Trust me, it would have been a marvelous article. But before I could write it... more


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    “…Chincoteague Island, you’re more than just a dream. You’re more than just a vision. You’re paradise to me. I can’t wait to get there. I never want to leave, and I know the blue herons are waiting there for me.” more

  • Kilmarnock-1.jpg


    Drive down Kilmarnock’s Main Street, and you’ll get an idea of what Small Town Virginia is all about. Besides a Main Street that looks like it could be a movie set, Kilmarnock offers virtually anything you might hope to find in a 21st-century... more

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    Photo/Doug Puffenbarger

    Small Town Virginia: Monterey

    I should know better than to take a trip into the mountains of Virginia. Every time I do, I come back to Richmond ready to pack my bags and head for the hills. Although, I had been wanting to visit Monterey, Virginia ever since I first heard about... more

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    Photo: Visit Loudoun

    Small Town Virginia: Beautiful and Historic Leesburg

    One thing I love about Richmond is that it sits in the center of so much of the state’s beauty and history. I can go two hours or so in any direction and be in some place that is completely different. That’s exactly what I did recently when I... more

  • Chateau Morrisette Winery

    Wine with a View

    Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most scenic parts of America’s landscape. Winding its way through the heart of the mountains is the Blue Ridge Parkway, spanning 469 miles and offering visitors some of the best mountain views in the... more

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    Wining Our Way Along the Bay

    Is it the terroir of Virginia’s Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula or just the fact that we love our wine? Whatever the reason, you’ll discover several excellent wineries when you travel the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail. more

  • UBA LR.jpg

    Small Town Virginia: Urbanna

    The search for a small-town living experience will take you off the beaten path. And that’s exactly where Urbanna, Virginia is. more

  • Saint Martin

    Hot and Cold Winter Getaways

    As we say goodbye to another beautiful fall, Virginians stand divided. Some will grieve the loss of warmer weather while others embrace the Winter. Luckily for ... more

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