For more than 25 years Advertising Concepts Inc.'s publications have entertained and educated residents in the greater Richmond area. And our advertisers know this. Business owners turn to us when they want both quality and numbers. We reach over 48,000 households and our combined pick-up locations reach over 18,000 with our four, bi-monthly magazines. 

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Magazine Fast Facts:

Mailed bi-monthly and directly into households

Available for free rack pick-up and readable online 

Home Owner's Ages: 30 to 70 years old

Home Values: $300,000 and up

Household Income: $100,000 and up

Find our magazines online here.

Shoppers Fast Facts:

Mailed monthly and directly into households

Largest piece in the mailbox

Available for free rack pick-up and readable online 

Contains local editorial content and events

Reach a combined 44,000 households in Powhatan, Goochland and Glen Allen

Find our Shoppers online here.

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