• AngelicaGarcia-1.jpg

    Leading the Follow-up: Angelica Garcia on Making Her Second Album

    What’s even more empowering than major-label backing? The creative power within — and Angelica Garcia is harnessing hers on a follow-up to her 2016 debut, Medicine for Birds. That album arrived in September of 2016, and it was extraordinary both... Read more

  • PumphouseBlues-1.jpg

    This Is Family

    Blues music is deeply rooted in the past, but its present and future are as wide open as the imagination of those who love it. It’s like jazz in that way. Reinvention is always around the corner, thanks to the uniqueness and devotion of its... Read more

  • Jarlath Henderson-2.jpg

    A Conversation with Uilleann Piper Jarlath Henderson

    For the world’s most exciting practitioners of traditional music, playing means looking backward and forward at the same time…diligently embracing and re-exposing musical roots while following artistic instincts that break new sonic ground. Read more

  • KariSmith-1.jpg

    Back Home & Paying Homage

    Kari Smith has a toolkit most musicians would kill for. She performs solo gigs playing original music, at private events and weddings covering favorites and at public events singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for thousands. She also teaches... Read more

  • GoldConnections-1.jpg

    Central Virginia Connection

    Will Marsh has seen his fair share of Virginia’s I-64 corridor. Marsh’s Central Virginian journey started when he was seven years old and his family followed his father’s teaching career from Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore to the... Read more

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    Photo/Jennifer Challis

    A Different Frequency

    “I am music and it is me. We arrived here together.” So reads part of the conclusion of Steve Bassett’s 2013 autobiography, Sing Loud. It contains the earned wisdom of a singer-songwriter and master of the Hammond B-3 organ who has truly been... Read more

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    Loving the Search

    Music sits at a fascinating intersection, connecting the calculable world of physics and the boundless realm of the human imagination. And you’d be hard pressed to find a band that embodies that intersection as impressively as Atlanta-based Little... Read more

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    Connecting & Reflecting: An Interview with John Moreland

    John Moreland, who’s scheduled to perform a Jan. 14th headlining set at the Camel, writes folk rock songs that are arresting and powerfully affecting — the kind that command your attention and open doors to emotional worlds you didn’t know were... Read more

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    Photo by Joey Wharton

    Finding a Good Way Home

    Sid Kingsley has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. And he’s just getting started. Kingsley grew up in a small town in Southeast Virginia called Branchville. “Nothing to do except start fires and play music,’’ he recalled. “I’m grateful... Read more

  • Eric Slick

    Juggling Darkness and Light

    Seventeenth century essayist Owen Feltham wrote “Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” Looking inwardly can be especially beneficial if you’re interested in making art that pushes into unexplored creative territory... Read more

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