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    Discover Your Active Lifestyle Communities in Chesterfield

    For two decades, Richmond-area home builder Roger Glover of Cornerstone Homes has been building communities for the 55+ homebuyer. When you build solely for that specific demographic, you get a pretty good idea... Read more

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    Healthier, Happier Living in Chickahominy Falls

    If you seek a healthier, happier, Hanover lifestyle, take heart. It’s becoming more and more a reality every day in Chickahominy Falls. Read more

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    Henry Box Brown

    Take a stroll along Richmond’s Canal Walk and you’ll come upon a small plaza honoring a great Virginian (Dock Street at 15th Street). The honoree is Henry “Box” Brown — an innovator, activist and slave, who in 1849, managed to mail himself to... Read more

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    Let’s Get Married!

    Wedding season is almost here, which means now is the time for the blushing bride and her groom to select the location of their most memorable occasion. Central Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the state. And... Read more

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    Richmond Navigator Shoppers' Guide

    As the season for shopping begins, think outside the big box stores for finding unique items for yourself, your home and your family and friends. Check out what some of our local retailers are offering in the Richmond area. Read more

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    Where Past Is Prologue

    For weeks on end, River City has been bombarded with rainstorms. Throughout the day, flood warnings and tornado watches interrupted the airwaves, while lightning and thunder crashed across the sky at night. However, on this day, the weather is... Read more

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    Ana Inés King

    It’s a long way from her native Bucaramanga, Colombia — more than 2,000 miles, in fact — but Ana Inés King seems’ to be the kind of free spirit who is comfortable anywhere she goes. I met her at her beautiful Victorian home nestled in the trees... Read more

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    Our Community of Farmers

    The Richmond area is rife with local farms, farmers markets and farm-to-fork restaurants. Many of us are discovering the wonder and joy of knowing exactly where our food comes from. It fosters a strong sense of connection — not just to our food... Read more

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    When Regency Square opened in 1975, it was the first enclosed mall in the West End. Julie Hall remembers how exciting that was. The mall was more than just a place to shop. It was also a social space that felt new and fresh. Hall envied the kids... Read more

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    The Secret Society of Manchester

    There’s a secret society in Richmond that most people don’t know about, but many people see every day. In this society, celebrities come to enjoy tasty foods, yogi’s host their weekly Vinyasa classes, and Millennials open up the first of their... Read more

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