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  • IronHorse-2.jpg

    Iron Horse Restaurant: Firing on Every Cylinder

    I’m a firm believer that anyone can improve in any skill they want to through hard work and practice – especially cooking. For the past few years, I’ve been intentionally trying to improve my kitchen abilities through YouTube videos, trial and... Read more

  • Lolas-2.jpg

    Lola’s Farmhouse Bistro

    “Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends!” Boy, that Shakespeare really knew his stuff! Tired of take out? You know you’re in a rut when you call the local Chinese place and they recognize your voice and say, “the usual?” Have you been drivi Read more

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    Uptown Alley to Match All Donations to Breast Cancer Awareness During October

    Donate $1 to Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation for $2 on Uptown Alley Game Play Cards Read more

  • House Special Pizza

    Photo courtesy of Mellow Mushroom

    What’s Your Reason for Dining at Mellow Mushroom?

    As if you’d need any other reason to go to Mellow Mushroom but the pizza. The signature crust is uniquely tasty, and just right – not too thin, not too thick. The specialty pies are creative and funky, in combinations that you swear would never... Read more

  • Grilled Quesadillas

    Photo courtesy of Rock Bottom

    A Local Favorite for Fresh Beer & Food

    Before the general manager of Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery spoke about the restaurant’s food and drink, he talked about its people. “We’ve received a really warm welcome from the West End community,” Dale Nelson told me. He was pleased that... Read more

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    Eduardo Macias, owner of Lalo's Cocina Bar and Grill. Photo by Robert Thomas

    Lalo's Cocina – Taking Pride in Every Dish

    Eduardo Macias is not new to Mexican restaurants. In fact, for more than 20 years he’s been in the business, having started back in 1994 when he took a job in one of the city’s most popular local Mexican chains. About three years ago, he opened... Read more

  • bb2.jpg

    Haka Chili Cheese Burger: Chipotle chili, house-pickled jalapeños, organic mustard, free-range egg mayo, tomato, and American cheese

    Burger Bach: What's in a Name & More

    Now I get it! Burger Bach isn’t named after Johann Sebastian, the Baroque composer, but after a New Zealand vacation home, pronounced like “batch.” A bach is place to get away, to escape the everyday – as is Burger Bach, Richmond’s New Zealand... Read more

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    Photo Courtesy of Kona Grill.

    Sushi and Sliders? The Surprising Diversity of Kona Grill

    What can you do when you don’t all agree on a restaurant? Your friend wants meatloaf, your significant other wants pasta, your kid wants a burger, and you’re in the mood for sushi. You can split up for the evening and eat alone, or you can all go... Read more

  • SB4.jpg

    Photo Courtesy of Uptown Alley

    West End and Chesterfield Sports Bars

    Palermo’s in St. Louis, Missouri. Ever heard of it? Some claim that it was the original sports bar. It opened right next to Sportsman’s Park, then the home of both the Cardinals and the Browns, on the very day Prohibition ended in 1933. Fans would... Read more

  • AA1.jpg

    Snow crab legs at Awful Arthurs. Photo by Rick Bancroft

    Escape to the Sea at Awful Arthur's in Midlothian

    If there’s anything Richmonders love as much as the beach, it’s seafood. OBX stickers, Facebook ocean photos – either gloating or wistful – and I-64 traffic, all are evidence of our affinity for sand and surf. So when you’re craving a taste of the... Read more

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