Exploring Carytown: A Richmond Gem

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, Virginia lies a vibrant, diverse, and colorful neighborhood known as Carytown. This bustling area, just west of downtown Richmond, offers visitors and locals alike a unique and enjoyable shopping and dining experience. From trendy boutiques to cozy cafes, Carytown has something for everyone.

But what exactly is Carytown? Who is it named after? And what makes it so special? In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the history of Carytown and explore its various attractions and landmarks.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore everything Carytown has to offer, from the famous “Carytown 10k” race to the mouth-watering “Carytown Gyro.” Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s always something new to discover in this charming neighborhood. Let’s get started!

Exploring the Carytown 10k

Carytown is not just another commercial district in Virginia, it is also a hub for runners and fitness enthusiasts. The Carytown 10k has become a popular annual event for residents and visitors alike. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting running event:

What is the Carytown 10k?

The Carytown 10k is an annual race that takes place in Richmond, Virginia. It is a popular event that brings together hundreds of runners from different walks of life. The race starts and finishes at Carytown, which is known for its local shops, restaurants, and other attractions.

When does it take place?

The Carytown 10k usually takes place in April. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while getting some exercise. The exact dates for the event vary from year to year, so be sure to check the official website for updates.

What is the course like?

The course for the Carytown 10k is flat and fast, making it ideal for runners who want to achieve personal bests. It takes runners through some of the most attractive neighborhoods in Richmond, including the Fan and Museum District. The course has plenty of water stops and volunteers to ensure that runners stay hydrated and motivated throughout.

How can I register?

Registration for the Carytown 10k typically opens a few months before the event. You can register online by visiting the official website. Be sure to register early as space is limited, and the event usually sells out quickly.

What should I wear?

Since the Carytown 10k takes place in April, it is essential to dress appropriately for the weather. Most runners wear comfortable athletic clothes that allow them to move freely. It is also advisable to wear good running shoes and bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

What else should I know?

  • The Carytown 10k is not just a running event but a community celebration that brings people together.
  • The race is well-organized, and there are plenty of volunteers to help you with anything you need.
  • There are plenty of parking options available, but it is advisable to arrive early to avoid any delays.
  • After the race, be sure to explore Carytown and enjoy the various local shops and restaurants.

In conclusion, the Carytown 10k is an excellent opportunity to combine fitness with fun. It is a well-organized event that offers plenty of challenges and rewards. If you are a runner or fitness enthusiast, be sure to add this exciting event to your calendar.

Carytown Gyro: A Delicious Greek Treat

If you’re in Carytown, don’t miss the chance to try out the famous Carytown gyro. Here’s all you need to know about this delicious Greek treat:

What is a gyro?

A gyro is a classic Greek dish that consists of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie and then served in a warm pita bread with veggies, sauces, and other fixings.

What makes Carytown gyro special?

Carytown gyro stands out for its generous portions of tender, juicy meat and fresh, flavorful ingredients. The chefs use a blend of spices to give the meat a rich, smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the creamy tzatziki sauce.

Where can you find the best Carytown gyro in town?

There are plenty of places in Carytown where you can grab a gyro, but for the best experience, head to Zeus Gallery Cafe. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, this restaurant offers a top-notch gyro that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

What are the must-try Carytown gyro fixings?

Here are some fixings that you can’t miss while ordering a Carytown gyro:

  • Tzatziki sauce: A creamy, tangy sauce made of yogurt, cucumber, and garlic
  • Feta cheese: A salty, tangy cheese that crumbles beautifully in your mouth
  • Tomatoes: A juicy, ripe tomato adds freshness to your gyro
  • Red onions: A sweet yet pungent onion that complements the gyro meat
  • French fries: A classic Greek street food addition that adds crunch and flavor

Tips for enjoying a Carytown gyro

  • Hold it tight: A gyro can be quite messy, so make sure you use both hands to hold it together and avoid spilling the fillings.
  • Take a bite from the top: To get an even ratio of meat and veggies in every bite, start by taking a bite from the top of the gyro.
  • Try the Greek salad: Pair your gyro with a light and refreshing Greek salad for a complete meal.

In conclusion, Carytown gyro is a must-try for anyone visiting Carytown. With its bold flavors and fresh ingredients, a Carytown gyro will surely satisfy your taste buds. So, head to Zeus Gallery Cafe, order a gyro, and enjoy the deliciousness!

Carytown Nails: Pampering Your Nails in Style

Carytown is not just your typical shopping place but also a top destination for beauty rituals. One of the most popular services is Carytown nails. Treat yourself with a luxurious experience that will leave your nails looking impeccable.

A Wide Range of Services

Carytown has a diverse selection of salons that offer different nail services. You can choose from a variety of options, from classic manicures and pedicures to the latest nail trends. Some of the services include:

  • Gel manicures that last up to two weeks
  • Acrylics for a long-lasting and durable option
  • Dip powder nails for a natural look
  • Ombre nails, the latest nail trend
  • Nail art for special occasions or to add a unique touch

Expert Technicians

Carytown’s nail technicians are highly skilled and experienced. They undergo rigorous training to ensure they can deliver quality services to their clients. They also use hygienic techniques to prevent infections. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

A Relaxing Ambiance

Carytown salons are designed to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere. From the decor to the furniture, everything is arranged to give you a comfortable experience. Sit back and relax as the technician does wonders to your nails. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Affordable Prices

A common misconception about Carytown nails is that they’re expensive. However, that’s not the case. Carytown salons offer affordable and competitive pricing. You can pamper your nails without breaking the bank. Additionally, many salons have loyalty programs, discounts, and special offers for regular clients.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Carytown nails are a must-try experience. You not only get to pamper your nails but also relax and unwind. From the wide range of services to the expert technicians, Carytown nail salons have all you need to keep your nails looking fabulous. So book your appointment today and treat yourself to a luxurious experience.

Carytown Bikes

Carytown is a cyclist’s paradise, with its flat terrain, bike-friendly streets, and bike rental options. If you’re looking to explore the town without breaking a sweat, Carytown Bikes is your go-to place. They provide bike rentals for all ages, and their prices are affordable. Here’s everything you need to know about Carytown Bikes:

Rental Options

Carytown Bikes offers various bike rental options that cater to your needs. You can rent a bike for a few hours, a day, or even a week. They have different types of bikes, including cruisers, town bikes, road bikes, and hybrids. Plus, they provide helmets and locks for safety purposes.

Guided Tours

If you’re new to Carytown, Carytown Bikes also offers guided tours with knowledgeable local guides. They offer daily bike tours that take you to the historical sights, famous landmarks, and hidden gems. It’s a great way to explore the town and its surroundings while getting some exercise.

Repairs and Maintenance

Carytown Bikes is not just a rental shop; they also provide repair services and maintenance for bikes. They have experienced mechanics who can fix any issue, from a flat tire to a broken chain. Plus, they sell bike parts and accessories that you can use to upgrade your bike.

DIY Bike Station

For bike enthusiasts who prefer to fix their bikes, Carytown Bikes provides a DIY bike station. You can rent a bike stand with all the necessary tools and work on your bike at your convenience. It’s a cost-effective way to maintain your bike and learn some bike mechanics skills.

Bike Donation

Carytown Bikes is a community-oriented business that supports local programs and charities. They accept bike donations and refurbish them to give them new life. If you have an old bike that’s taking up space in your garage, you can donate it to Carytown Bikes and contribute to a good cause.

In conclusion, Carytown Bikes is an excellent source for rental, tour, repair, and maintenance services for bikes in Carytown. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a bike newbie, Carytown Bikes has something to offer. So, why not rent a bike and explore beautiful Carytown in a unique and fun way?

Carytown Sushi

Carytown is renowned for its vibrant restaurant scene, and sushi lovers will not be disappointed. Here are a few top-rated sushi spots to check out:

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is a downtown Richmond institution that offers a diverse sushi selection and an ever-rotating beer menu. Their rolls are often named after pop culture icons and have a reputation for being both tasty and Instagram-worthy.

Carytown Sushi

Carytown Sushi is a hidden gem that specializes in fresh and flavorsome sushi. They have a range of creative rolls, including the popular “Volcano Roll” and “Rainbow Roll.” They also offer fantastic happy hour deals throughout the week.

Level One

Level One offers a unique atmosphere that combines sushi with live music performances and a rooftop bar. Their sushi is lovingly handcrafted by skilled chefs, and they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Tokyo Sushi

Tokyo Sushi is another must-try sushi destination in Carytown. Their sushi is fresh and always prepared with attention to detail. They also have an extensive sake menu, making it a great spot for a night out.

No matter if you’re craving classic rolls or more innovative creations, Carytown has a sushi spot to satisfy your appetite. Don’t forget to try out the happy hour deals and sample some sake while you’re at it!

Carytown Tobacco

If you’re a fan of tobacco and you’re in the Carytown area, then you’re in luck. Carytown Tobacco is the perfect place for you to stop by and stock up on all your favorite things. From cigars to cigarettes, hookahs, and vaping supplies, this store has got it all. Here are some things you need to know about Carytown Tobacco.

A Wide Range of Cigars

One of the best things about Carytown Tobacco is the wide variety of cigars they have on offer. From premium, handmade cigars to flavored cigars, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. With such a vast range of brands and flavors to choose from, you might end up spending more than you intended to, so be cautious.

Expert Advice on Vaping

If you’re a smoker looking to switch to vaping, then Carytown Tobacco has you covered. They have a knowledgeable staff of experts who can help you find the right vaping hardware and e-liquids according to your needs and preferences. You can always count on them to provide excellent advice, customer service, and support.

Hookahs and Accessories

Carytown Tobacco isn’t just a store that exclusively caters to smokers. They also have a great range of hookahs and hookah accessories that will blow you away. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to choose from, there’s a hookah for every personality and preference.

Cigarettes from Around the World

The best part about Carytown Tobacco is that they offer cigarettes from all over the world. From American Spirit to Dunhill to Nat Sherman, you can find a wide range of premium cigarette brands that you might not find anywhere else. Whether you’re a smoker or a collector, you’ll be able to find something that intrigues you.

To sum up, if you’re a tobacco enthusiast, then a visit to Carytown Tobacco is a must. They have an unparalleled range of products, including cigars, cigarettes, vaping supplies, hookahs, and accessories. The helpful and knowledgeable staff will assist you in making the right choices, ensuring that you get the most out of your tobacco experience. Be sure to stop by and check out what they have to offer!

Carytown Cupcakes

Carytown is renowned for its diverse culinary scene offering a wide range of food options. One must-visit dessert destination in Carytown is the famous local bakery: Carytown Cupcakes.

From traditional flavors to exotic combinations, Carytown Cupcakes has something for everyone. Here’s what you should know about this delectable dessert spot:

Flavorful Combinations

Carytown Cupcakes features a rotating menu of unique cupcakes, each handcrafted with quality ingredients and clever baking techniques. Their signature flavors include:

  • Salted Caramel
  • Red Velvet
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cookie Dough

You can indulge in a variety of frostings, fillings, and toppings such as sprinkles, candies, and edible flowers.

Custom Designs

For special occasions, Carytown Cupcakes offers custom designs for personalized cupcakes. They can match the frosting colors and decorations to your event theme or create something entirely new. It’s a unique way to make your celebration more memorable and sweet.

Seasonal Specials

Carytown Cupcakes celebrates each season with new flavors and decorations. During holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you can find limited edition cupcakes with festive designs. These specialty flavors are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and share with your loved ones.

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for gift ideas, Carytown Cupcakes offer various packages such as “Cupcake of the Month” or “Cupcake Sampler” that you can give as a present. You can also purchase gift cards so your loved ones can choose their flavors and enjoy the experience themselves.

Carytown Cupcakes is a must-try dessert spot in the heart of Carytown. With its creative flavors, customizable options, and festive specials, it’s a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Plan your visit and indulge in some of the most delicious cupcakes in town.

Carytown Restaurants

Carytown is a foodie’s paradise, with a diverse range of restaurants to suit anyone’s taste buds. Here are some of the best options:

Edo’s Squid

Edo’s Squid is a cozy spot for lovers of Italian cuisine with a great atmosphere and a wide range of dishes to tickle your taste buds. The restaurant is usually busy, so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time.

Can Can Brasserie

Can Can Brasserie is a French restaurant designed to satisfy everyone’s taste buds with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and excellent customer service. The restaurant’s decor is Parisian, and the menu features a range of tasty dishes, including quiche, French onion soup, and roasted chicken.

En Su Boca

En Su Boca is a great place to enjoy some Mexican food with friends. It has a cozy and friendly atmosphere that is perfect for hanging out. The restaurant’s specialty is street-style tacos, but there are also other great options to try.

The Daily Kitchen & Bar

This is a great option for those looking for a healthy meal without compromising on taste. The menu at The Daily Kitchen & Bar includes organic and fresh ingredients, including a range of salads, sandwiches, and bowls.

Belmont Pizza

Belmont Pizza is a classic pizzeria in the heart of Carytown, with a wide range of pizza options, including vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. They also serve salads, pasta, wings, and sandwiches to satisfy all cravings.

Can Can Cafe

Can Can Cafe is another French-style restaurant in Carytown with a unique and cozy vibe. The cafe serves croissants, coffee, and other French pastries, making it an ideal breakfast spot.

Carytown restaurants offer an excellent variety of food, guaranteeing that everyone’s cravings are met. From Italian to French, Mexican to healthy, these local eateries are sure to satisfy.

Who Carytown Is Named After?

Carytown is a vibrant shopping and entertainment district in Richmond, Virginia. The name “Carytown” comes from the family who owned much of the land in the area in the 19th century: the Cary family. Mary-Cooke Branch Munford, a promoter of women’s education, and civic improvement, proposed naming the neighborhood after the Cary family.

Who Was The Cary Family?

The Cary family held a significant role in the development of Richmond’s social, economic, and political life. Colonel Archibald Cary was a revolutionary leader in Virginia, and his son Wilson Cary served in the Virginia House of Burgesses as well. Wilson Cary’s grandson, Archibald, was a prominent businessman, bank founder, and major property holder in the city’s west end.

Mary-Cooke Branch Munford’s Role

Mary-Cooke Branch Munford was an advocate for women’s education and civic improvement in Virginia. She worked tirelessly to promote women’s involvement in politics and education. She was a member of the Virginia Council of State and is credited with leading the effort to establish the University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Music.

Why Did Munford Propose the Name Change?

Munford believed that changing the name of the area from “Westhampton” to “Carytown” would not only pay tribute to the Cary family but also create a unique identity for the shopping district. It would also help to distinguish the area from other neighborhoods in Richmond.

In summary, Carytown got its name from the Cary family, who played a significant role in Richmond’s historical and economic development. The name change proposal was spearheaded by Mary-Cooke Branch Munford, an influential advocate for women’s education and civic improvement. The name change was not only a tribute to the Cary family but also an effort to create a unique identity for the shopping district.

Carytown Burgers and Fries

Carytown is known as the food hub of Richmond with an astonishing variety of culinary options available. But when it comes to grabbing a quick, satisfying bite, a burger and fries combo is hard to beat. Carytown has several burger spots worth visiting, and we’ve listed the best ones below.

Citizen Burger Bar

This burger joint boasts of premium grass-fed beef for its burgers and hand-cut fries. They offer a wide range of toppings, from classic lettuce and tomato to goat cheese and applewood bacon. The black bean burger and vegan Brussels sprouts fries are also highly recommended.

Burger Bach

Burger Bach offers grass-fed beef, lamb, venison, and vegetarian burgers, and they take pride in their gluten-free options. They also offer truffle fries, kumara fries, and sweet potato fries for something different. For those who prefer plant-based options, their Impossible burger is a must-try.

Carytown Burgers and Fries

Carytown Burgers and Fries offers a simple and delicious take on the classic burger and fries combo. They have a variety of burger options, including beef, chicken, and veggie patties. Their hand-cut fries are crispy and addictive, and they also serve onion rings and mozzarella sticks.


This eco-friendly burger joint offers hormone and antibiotic-free beef burgers and veggie burgers made with quinoa and plant-based proteins. Their fries are hand-cut and come in both regular and home-style varieties. For those craving something lighter, their crisp, fresh salads are worth a try.

Overall Experience

Carytown is home to some of the best burger joints in Richmond, which is why it’s always a challenge to decide which one to go to. But one thing’s for sure – no one does burgers and fries quite like Carytown. So, the next time you’re in the area, be sure to check out one of these spots and satisfy your burger cravings!

How Old is Carytown Richmond?

Carytown, located in Richmond, Virginia, is an area that is rich in history and culture. This well-known shopping district has been around for quite a while and has seen many changes over the years. Here are some facts about the age of Carytown that you might find interesting:

A Brief History

Carytown was established in the early 1920s and has since become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Originally, the area was residential, but it gradually transformed into a business district. By the 1970s, Carytown had become the vibrant hub of small businesses and shops that it is known for today.

How Old Is It?

As of 2021, Carytown is over 100 years old! The earliest records of the area date back to the 1910s when it was still a residential neighborhood. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that the area really began to take shape as a commercial district.

Notable Landmarks

Carytown is home to many notable landmarks, some of which have been around for decades. Here are a few examples:

  • The Byrd Theatre: This historic movie theater was built in 1928 and is still in operation today. It is a beloved Carytown icon and is known for its beautiful architecture and classic film screenings.

  • The Byrd Park Pump House: This building was constructed in the 1880s and was used to house the pumping equipment for the adjacent reservoir. Today, it is a popular wedding and event venue.

  • The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Although not technically located in Carytown, the VMFA is just a short drive away and is well worth a visit. It was founded in 1936 and is home to an impressive collection of art from around the world.

As you can see, Carytown has a rich and fascinating history that spans over 100 years. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this vibrant neighborhood is definitely worth exploring!

Carytown Richmond Homes for Sale

If you’re in the market for a new home in Richmond, Virginia, Carytown is the perfect neighborhood to consider. With its beautiful tree-lined streets, historic homes, and proximity to some of the city’s best shops, restaurants, and parks, Carytown is a sought-after neighborhood for homebuyers.

Why Choose Carytown?

Carytown is a vibrant community with a charming atmosphere and a diverse selection of homes for sale. It’s an ideal location for families, young professionals, and retirees because of its convenient access to amenities and entertainment. Some of the reasons why people love living in Carytown include:

  • Excellent schools
  • Safe and friendly neighborhoods
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Wide range of home styles
  • Walking distance to restaurants and shops
  • Close to parks and recreational facilities

Home Styles and Prices

Carytown offers a variety of home styles, from charming bungalows to spacious Craftsman-style homes. Many of the homes in the neighborhood were built in the early 1900s, giving them a unique historical charm. Prices for homes in Carytown start at around $300,000 and can go up to over $1 million for large, premium properties.

Real Estate Market Trends

The real estate market in Carytown is strong, with properties selling quickly. As of 2021, the median home value in Carytown is around $585,000. While home prices can vary depending on the location and size of the property, homes in Carytown generally offer good value for their price.

Tips for Homebuyers

If you’re interested in buying a home in Carytown, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Work with a local, experienced real estate agent who knows the market well
  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage before beginning your search
  • Take the time to explore the neighborhood and get a feel for the area
  • Consider the age and condition of the home before making an offer
  • Be prepared to act quickly if you find a property you love

With its beautiful homes, charming atmosphere, and convenient location, Carytown is an excellent neighborhood to consider for homebuyers in Richmond. Whether you’re looking for a historic home or a modern property, Carytown has something for everyone. So why not start your search today and see what this vibrant community has to offer?

What Time Does Carytown Open in Richmond?

If you’re planning a trip to Carytown, Richmond, and wondering what time it opens, you’re in luck. Carytown boasts a fantastic range of stores, restaurants, and other attractions, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Here’s what you need to know about Carytown’s operating hours:

Regular Business Hours

Carytown’s regular business hours are typically between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Special Events

Carytown is famous for hosting various events throughout the year, such as parades, street festivals, and concerts. During special events, business hours may vary, and some stores may remain open later than usual. Be sure to check the event schedule to find out the specific opening and closing times.


On public holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day, Carytown stores may operate on reduced hours or close altogether. It’s always best to call ahead or check the shop’s social media pages to confirm their opening times during holidays.

Restaurants and Bars

If you’re planning to visit Carytown’s restaurants or bars, their operating hours may differ from the stores’ hours, typically remaining open later in the evening.

Key Takeaways

  • Carytown’s regular business hours are typically between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Mon-Sat, and between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sundays.
  • Carytown may hold special events throughout the year that affect opening hours, so be sure to check the schedule.
  • Restaurants and bars in Carytown often operate later hours than the retail shops.

We hope this article provides you with the information you need about Carytown’s opening hours. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a long-time local, Carytown is always worth exploring.

Who is Cary Street Richmond VA named after?

Cary Street Richmond VA is one of the most popular streets in Richmond, Virginia. But have you ever wondered who it was named after?

  • The street was named after Colonel Archibald Cary, a Revolutionary War veteran who served in the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate.
  • He was also the founder of the Richmond Mechanical Society, a group dedicated to the advancement of mechanical arts and sciences.
  • Cary was born in 1721 in Warwick County, Virginia, and was educated at the College of William and Mary.
  • He was a wealthy plantation owner and businessman, who owned several plantations and was involved in the slave trade.
  • Cary helped establish the town of Richmond in 1737 and played a significant role in its development.
  • He passed away in 1787 and is buried in the Shockoe Hill Cemetery in Richmond.

Colonel Archibald Cary left a lasting legacy in Richmond, and his name can be seen throughout the city, especially on one of its busiest streets, Cary Street. Next time you walk down Cary Street, take a moment to appreciate the history and significance of the man it was named after.

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