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    Bon Secours Launches Partnership with Local Alzheimer’s Association

    It’s not unusual to joke about having a “senior moment” when you can’t remember someone’s name or where you put the car keys. But for the 5.7 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, memory loss is no laughing matter. Alzheimer’s is a... Read more

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    Express Yourself!

    Our faces are always in motion. We express our thoughts by smiling, laughing, crying, frowning, winking, blinking, kissing and more. Did you know that the majority of wrinkles and crinkles around the eyes and mouth are created simply by expressing... Read more

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    Dissecting Diets

    Diet has been cursed as a detestable four-letter word, conjuring up images of denial, gnawing hunger and pushing sad lettuce leaves around while pretending to be full. “Oh, I’m fine, I had a bag of pumpkin seeds earlier. Or maybe it was birdseed... Read more

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    Designing the Perfect Bedroom for a Great Night's Sleep

    When someone says, “I didn’t sleep well,” I think of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Princess and the Pea. You may recall that once upon a time, there was a prince who searched near and far and unsuccessfully for a real princess. On a dark and... Read more

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    Sleep Disorders

    It has been said that fatigue makes cowards of us all, and anyone who has felt the effects of a night of poor sleep can probably attest to the truth in that. The word sleep is often used conversationally to convey the idea of healing, clarity and... Read more

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    What To Wear To Work Out

    You may have heard the phrase “dress for success” for your professional attire, but does it also apply for workout wear as well? The short answer is yes. There’s actually a reason (other than simply looking chic) why coordinated workout tanks... Read more

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    Keep It Moving!

    “I have already logged in my 10,000 for the day!” Even if you don’t know exactly what that statement means, you can bet your fitness that someone standing an arm’s length from you does. It’s the number of recorded steps that have been taken in the... Read more

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    Getting Ahead of a Headache

    Dull, throbbing pain around your eye sockets. A vice-like feeling of pressure engulfing your skull. What is the worst thing about a headache? Is it that you can’t predict when it will happen? Or is it that whoever coined the term used the symptoms... Read more

  • Fitness Food

    Reduce Your Risks for Cancer

    Most of us have a word or a series of words that terrifies us. For me, it’s “We need to talk.” This is enough to make me grab my passport and ... Read more

  • Zella

    Look Chic, Feel Good

    Long gone are the days of the leotard and the sweatband. With the rise of the health-conscious individual and the promotion of brands and fitness trends via ... Read more

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