Hanover is Home to Champion Dobermans



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Adult Dobie

My wife and I live and pastor in La Plata, MD and have for 7 years. We recently lost our "Tizzy" to cancer. We raised her from a pup, went through the house breaking, ears cropped, manners training and we loved it all. She was a family friend for the 8 years of her life. We are looking for a "young lady" to bring into our home for the duration. We don't need papers but we would like good confirmation and ears done. We would also much prefer Black and Rust as any other color. 1 year old would be OK but she MUST be sociable because, I am a pastor and eating the congregation is no way to build a church. We are ready to accept the right little girl into our home and excited about the possibility of finding her. We thought maybe you might have such a young lady that needs "Rescued" or perhaps you know of such.

In Christ and Happy,

Pastor Sutton, Wm
Col 2:6


William Sutton more than 2 years ago

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