Happy hour drink & food specials in River City. Please note that all happy hour specials contained in this guide are subject to change and may be discontinued without notice. more

Happy Hour Guide

Featuring Jake's Place, Iron Horse, Julep's, and Mosaic. more

In Search Of

Capital Ale House Pairing

Temple Hill

Featuring Savory Grain, Capital Ale House, and Legend Brewing Company. more

In Search Of

Happy hour drink & food specials in Hanover. Please note that all happy hour specials contained in this guide are subject to change and may be discontinued without notice. more

Happy Hour Guide

I’m constantly amazed at the professionalism of the city’s fantastic bartenders. For this issue, we went in search of some of the cool trends in cocktails. Each of the three bartenders with whom we spoke had her or his unique style. more

Raising the Bar

It’s truly amazing to see how the whiskey distilleries have flourished throughout the state over the past few years. There are some excellent distilleries producing some very fine spirits. We asked a few local bartenders to come up with a cocktail... more

Raising the Bar

Virginia Distillery

From the Virginia Distillery Co. web site

Virginia Distillery Co., hosts a food and whisky tasting event at Wild Ginger in Midlothian on Thursday, Feb. 4. more


The popularity of sparkling cocktails is bubbling over these days. True, sales of Champagne are rising, but the primary reason that sparkling cocktails are so popular has more to do with the current thirst for Prosecco. Several of the local ... more

Raising the Bar

Spirited Virginia magazine features guides to spirits, holiday cocktail recipes, product catalog and more. more

Everybody seems to have his or her favorite bartender. For this edition of Raising the Bar, I asked some of our favorite bartenders to name their favorites. While each person with whom I spoke named several, I narrowed it down to these ... more



The Southern Strawberry Tea-quila paired with Southern Comfort rolls, a rendition of an Asian roll stuffed with Southern charm at Southern Kitchen. Photo by Robert Thomas

So, this guy walks into a bar and orders a tequila… You thought this was the lead-in to a joke, didn’t you? Funny thing about tequila. Just mention the word and some folks start laughing. Actually, I’m the guy and both my photographer Robert... more

Raising the Bar


The Franklin Inn's Hot Dickens Cider paired with zucchini fries

It was a dark and stormy night. The snow was falling heavily. More than a half-foot was already on the ground. The streets were deserted. Supermarket shelves have been laid bare of milk, eggs, and chocolate chip cookie dough. In other words, it... more

Raising the Bar

Mattias Hagglund from Heritage restaurant in the Fan, Shannon Hood with Carytown’s Portrait House restaurant, Iris Woodson on Powhatan’s Festival of the Grape, and Mary Wolf and Danny Wolf with Wild Wolf Brewing in Nelson County, VA. more


"Drink to me only with thine eyes,” wrote the 17th century English poet, Ben Johnson. In his epic poem, “To Celia,” Johnson proclaims a love so intense that he needs nothing more than her loving gaze. more

Raising the Bar

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this scene. It’s a chilly late-fall/early-winter evening. Already, a few flakes of snow have begun to dust the sidewalk. more

Raising the Bar

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