Remember that refrain often repeated by science and math teachers to irritated (and irritating) students: “You’re going to need this after graduation!”? “Yeah, yeah,” you may have replied (uttered aloud if you were a smart aleck). more


I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but I discovered much more in the pages of Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brûlée. My search was for recipes with a dash of back-story. I craved the story of how Thomas Jefferson took James Hemings to ... more


These recipes and others in The Southern Slow Cooker reflect country classics and common ingredients like bacon drippings, molasses, ham hocks, buttermilk and even Dr. Pepper. Though not a comprehensive compendium of regional Southern dishes, the... more



The deviled crab from Dishing Up® Virginia. Photo by Edwin Remsberg Photographs

The star of the meal was the Thalhimers deviled crab: chunks of fresh crabmeat blended with the perfect touch of spice, inspired by Richmond’s legendary department store of yesteryear. The shellfish was accompanied by tomato pudding (once a... more



Jason Alley's pimento cheese recipe. Photo by Christophile Konstas for 804ork

This recipe book is as much about the people as about food. It not only presents you with the recipes behind some of Richmond’s favorite dishes, it presents you – perhaps more importantly – with the people behind them. The book begins with... more


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