Dominion Riverrock

With spring upon us, warmer weather and longer days are just around the corner. That means it’s time to break out of winter hibernation and go enjoy some of the area’s many festivals. So, if you’re in or around the Richmond area, we’ve compiled a... more



Photo by Joey Wharton

Images taken at Dominion Riverrock 2015 on Brown's Island. Photos by Joey Wharton. more



Tazza Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Derek Bennion/Tazza Kitchen

Cheap Seats: It surprises many to learn that I’m not pulling in at least a quarter million a year writing this. But no, I’m forced to be a frugal diner, which means I’m always on the lookout for a cheap meal, especially lunch. Back in the good ol’ d more



Watch dogs fly high at the Subaru Ultimate Air Dog event held at Dominion Riverrock. Photo by Mark Pownall/Sports Backers

The air practically pulses with energy, generated by spectators and participants, weekend athletes and pros. On one end of Brown’s Island may be a rock climber seeming to defy gravity, on another a kayaker performing a donkey flip trick. Perhaps... more


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