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These days we all seem to go nonstop — meetings, carpools, afterschool activities, work, travel. To maintain this demanding pace, it’s imperative to make a conscious effort to relax. Since most of our budgets don’t allow for a daily visit to the... Read more



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Minnieland at Westchester Commons is now open and conveniently located at the northwest quadrant of Route 288 and U.S. Route 60. Minnieland provides safe, high-quality childcare and education to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. “We are a... Read more

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AT&T offers home security and home automation services that work with your smartphone, tablet, or computer, allowing remote access as well as in-home operation. Highlights include front door video cameras and locks, thermostat adjustments, and light and small appliance controls.

Home automation is no longer a thing of the future: it’s here and is enhancing lives, adding convenience and providing energy savings to millions of Americans each day. Having a connected home where all devices “talk” to each other isn’t just for... Read more



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Richmond is home to many famous athletes, both past and present. Arthur Ashe, the great tennis legend, who was ranked number one in both 1968 and 1975, called our city home. NFL linebacker Shawn Barber grew up and attended school through college... Read more

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Whether you’re a Hokie, Spider, Wahoo or other pigskin fan, football season likely has you filled with spirit and ready to cheer on your team. Athletes focus on their game, while fans prepare for the ever-important tailgate parties. For many fans... Read more


At Lube Tech on Atlee Station Road, owner Tommy Moyer sees many loyal customers. He also encounters loyal fans of his dogs. Tommy and his wife, Melinda, have four Doberman Pinschers. One of these regal dogs is enough to turn a head, so their group... Read more

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Assisted living and nursing facilities have new competition. Families wishing to offer their loved ones care at home now have better options – in their own backyard. Freestanding modular units, affectionately called “granny pods,” and custom... Read more


Studies show concrete evidence that owning a pet can result in better heart health. What is it about pets that can turn your mood from irritated to giddy in an instant? Read more

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As the parent of a teenager, you have a lot to compete with – friends, school, Facebook, extracurricular activities and Twitter, to name a few. Though it’s natural for teens to seek independence and pull away, they still need to know you care. Read more


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