Life in a garden is practical and simple. You need water to make things grow, and you need effort to plant, weed and occasionally fix the hose. The dynamic is the same even if the plot is as extensive as Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on Richmond’s... more


Though you may not have to resort to Astroturf or painted lawns like some drought-plagued California residents have, you can nonetheless reap the benefits of a drought-resistant yard. Besides saving time and money, you can bask in being ... more


Chef Bundy's Garden

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Anticipating the warmth and new growth of spring can mean considering our lawns and gardens, rolling up our sleeves for plant therapy – for ourselves and the growing greens! For some guidance, Chesterfield residents can turn to the county’s ... more


Consider Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ant, the one fiddling away the time while the other works industriously. This lesson even carries over to your yard, where the attention you give it this fall will pay off in sprightly green... more



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The area’s most beautiful public gardens – indeed, among the most celebrated gardens in the U.S. – have collaborated to form the Richmond Garden Trail. There’s no official starting point on this path – and given the changing nature of these... more

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A theme garden may be formal and structured, or it may appear loose and pleasingly haphazard. In any format, and whether it’s in a public or private setting, theme gardens offer an opportunity to richly appreciate your landscape. more


Edgar allan poe was born in Boston and died in Baltimore, but he always referred to Richmond as his home, and the land upon which the historic Linden Row Inn is located played a significant role in Poe’s early life. more

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