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If there’s one thing for sure about the residential market, it’s that apartment living certainly isn’t what it used to be, and luxury renting is no longer uncommon. more



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Formica is out; Corian is in. Corian is out; granite is in. Granite is out; concrete is in. Concrete is out; quartz is in …and those are the changing trends just in countertops! No wonder kitchen makeovers are daunting. Sometimes, though, you can ... more


Could your abode benefit from some refreshing and renewing? Take a look at these five project ideas that will breathe new energy and charm into your home’s appearance. more


Lest you think that Richmond Navigator is about to “sink” to a new low, I’ll assure you that this article is filled with practical information that hosts often fail to consider. So take the plunge and read on! more


As a child, I had two favorite spots for reading. One was on a comfy, cushioned bench in my bedroom dormer window, the other in the branches of a perfect climbing tree. Though distinctly different, they had one common denominator: both provided ... more


Looking for replacement windows for your home? In all likelihood, you want the most durable, the most maintenance free, and the most attractive window you can buy, and at a reasonable price. Oh yeah, one more thing. You want to make sure that the... more

Business Spotlights

When it comes to indoor air quality, Air Resolutions is a Richmond-area expert. This locally owned company offers a holistic approach to improving the air quality of homes that goes beyond equipment installation. more

Business Spotlights


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Assisted living and nursing facilities have new competition. Families wishing to offer their loved ones care at home now have better options – in their own backyard. Freestanding modular units, affectionately called “granny pods,” and custom... more



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Showering is no longer about getting a good ol’ wash down. These days, shower stalls have evolved into luxurious spaces with everything from wireless sound systems to pulsating, floor-to-ceiling nozzles. more



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There is simply nothing like the presence of water to metaphorically cool a scene. A water feature, whether a pool, spa, or pond, instantly conjures a sense of relaxation and ease. Creating or enhancing an outdoor living environment... more


A theme garden may be formal and structured, or it may appear loose and pleasingly haphazard. In any format, and whether it’s in a public or private setting, theme gardens offer an opportunity to richly appreciate your landscape. more


There is no better place to relax and unwind than in the comfort of your own home. Kicking back means different things to different people, but everyone can agree that when it’s time to relax! more


The basics in fermentation have been with us all along in our beverages, namely beer and wine. Add a few microorganisms to juice or grain and water, and voila! more


Is your kitchen screaming for a makeover? Have you been dreaming of a redo, waiting to renovate for the past few years and you’re now ready to get started? There is no time like the present! Read on for some fresh ideas and a few trends in kitchen de more


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