Jeff Majer


The interior of Ardent Craft Ales. Photo by Daniel Warshaw

About 10 years ago, I worked in a forgotten Richmond neighborhood. I’d tell people that my artist’s studio was in Scott’s Addition, and they’d inevitably reply, “Where?” These days, though, Scott’s Addition is booming. more



The First National Bank in 1913. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

When looking for a place to live, does it matter if the building is filled with stories? What if those stories involve cultural icons, a one-armed explorer, or impenetrable security? If so, downtown Richmond may be the answer. more

My Town


Main Street Station. Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Scattered around Richmond are clues to its railroad past – you just need to know where to look. The first train in Virginia – the second commercial train in the country – was The Chesterfield and Manchester Railroad (C&M), completed in 1831... more

My Town

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