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Ambitious, showy, unbowed and proud. The same words that describe Richmond in the decades following the Civil War also apply to one of its flashiest landmarks, Old City Hall. more

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Hollywood Cemetery is more than a burial spot. It’s also a park, a garden and an outdoor art museum. It’s “a special landscape,” says tour guide Kathryn Whittington, adding that the cemetery’s encompassing background also extends to the people ... more

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It’s more than colorful foliage. The beauty of autumn in Virginia isn’t limited to mountain vistas; fall also burnishes the urban scene with color, flavors, outdoor pleasures and activities that celebrate the changing seasons. From harvest ... more


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Photo by Craig Reynolds

Architect John Russell Pope was not a Richmonder, or even a Virginian; he was born in New York and kept a residence in Newport, Rhode Island. Yet his designs in early-20th-century Richmond had a far-reaching effect on the city, defining the ... more

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Life in a garden is practical and simple. You need water to make things grow, and you need effort to plant, weed and occasionally fix the hose. The dynamic is the same even if the plot is as extensive as Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden on Richmond’s... more



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Formica is out; Corian is in. Corian is out; granite is in. Granite is out; concrete is in. Concrete is out; quartz is in …and those are the changing trends just in countertops! No wonder kitchen makeovers are daunting. Sometimes, though, you can ... more


Our commonwealth might not be a hub of cinematic activity, but Virginia gets its fair share of attention from the film industry, thanks to an abundance of camera-ready historical locations and the work of the Virginia Film Office (VFO). more


No adult simply wakes up one day with diabetes. Resistance to insulin is a problem that grows over time. Yet according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 37 percent of Americans – 86 million people – have the rising blood sugar levels and... more

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Few medical advances make headlines from the start. Years of work and research go into learning the causes of our worst diseases, and even the development of a reliable diagnostic test can take time. But quiet progress can make a... more

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You don’t have to take a boat to Bermuda or a plane to St. Paul to get away from it all … just take a few steps into your own backyard. There, leaving behind the “man cave” and “Mom’s room,” is the garden shed, given a makeover to become the “she... more



Designer Micheal Sparks blends period pieces and modern designs in his own home. Photo by Rick Bancroft.

The way some people react to antiques, you’d think that claw-foot Edwardian chair had real claws, or that a 1750 longcase timepiece was actually a time bomb! Are antiques really that scary? They shouldn’t be, and adding a bit of the old to a... more



‘Bridge of Signs’: Beyond the Screen? InLight, 2013, Medeology Collective

Science tells us that light is merely electromagnetic radiation of a certain wavelength. Art tells us more: Light is a celebration, a mental lift, a metaphor, and the medium for a unique artistic event, InLight Richmond. Since 2008, InLight has... more



Photo by Skip Rowland

Each October since 2005, Richmond has been taking a whirlwind tour of the globe, sampling music, dance, and art from many cultures. The National Folk Festival, held on the downtown riverfront from 2005-2007, was such a good time that we continued... more



Photo by Robert Thomas

Chef’s journey leads him to Camden’s Dogtown Market more


The human story behind Cabell Gorman’s pet portraits more

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2013 Richmond Mural Project

Courtesy of Art Whino

You can sate your food cravings almost anywhere in the Richmond area, but when it’s time to feed your soul with art, downtown is the best restaurant. more


Due to the visits of Carnival Cruise Lines in Grand Turk and large international resorts on Providenciales and Parrot Cay, more people are aware of this island chain – a British Overseas Territory in the Atlantic, between The Bahamas and Hispaniola. more


The basics in fermentation have been with us all along in our beverages, namely beer and wine. Add a few microorganisms to juice or grain and water, and voila! more


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