Outdoor street festivals and parties have become an integral part of life in Ashland in the late spring and summer. These events give residents and visitors the opportunity to socialize, dance and enjoy good food and company. more

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If there’s one thing for sure about the residential market, it’s that apartment living certainly isn’t what it used to be, and luxury renting is no longer uncommon. more


Maintaining Dignity and Independence at The Memory Center

Imagine waking each day and not remembering where you are or what happened the day before. Imagine looking into the face of your beloved grandchild and not remembering her name. It can be quite scary, not just for the one who suffers from some ... more

Jul 15, 2016 4:05 AM SENIORS


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Adventures in Aging: Life Unexpected

Do you remember back in 1980, when John Lennon penned the lyrics to "Beautiful Boy" about his son Sean with Yoko Ono? It included the phrase, Life is what happens while you're making other plans? I remember thinking at the time that he was the ... more

Jul 8, 2016 1:00 PM SENIORS

Shortly after I married, several years ago, my wife and I traveled to Syracuse, New York to visit her family, whom I had never met. On the entire eight-hour drive, all my wife could talk about was how excited she was that I was going to see her old.. more

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You’ve seen the ads for gym memberships and weight loss supplements, heard your friends tout lofty financial goals and even spent time thinking about your own New Year’s resolutions. But if you’re single, the new year might just provide the new ... more


The harmonies of bird songs, chatter of young field workers and abundant aromas of healthy vegetation and ripe berries – such snapshots are common for the Geyers of Agriberry Farm, a staple business in the Hanover community. more



Furnishings come in varying qualities and nearly endless styles. I took this image at the fall 2014 furniture market in High Point.

Making major purchases for your house or tackling a home improvement project can be daunting, so it’s good to consider your options before starting the search for products and services that best suit your needs. Before hitting the stores – either... more


Though Richmond weather may still be a bit on the cold side, believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about summer camp registration. Camp experiences can build confidence, new skills and countless fun memories. more


For most patients, cholesterol control is a delicate balance of eating right, exercise and following a physician’s directions. more

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