“There are two types of people in the world,” says Joni Carter, a native of Virginia’s Northern Neck, “those who go nuts over oysters and those who can’t stand them.” Carter belongs firmly in the first category. And that’s good. As director of ... more


Like the tides receding from the shoreline, cooling seasonal temperatures slowly empty out beach resorts. Yet these summertime hot spots have a beauty that never disappears, in aesthetics or activities. In Wilmington, North Carolina, the... more



Haka Chili Cheese Burger: Chipotle chili, house-pickled jalapeños, organic mustard, free-range egg mayo, tomato, and American cheese

Now I get it! Burger Bach isn’t named after Johann Sebastian, the Baroque composer, but after a New Zealand vacation home, pronounced like “batch.” A bach is place to get away, to escape the everyday – as is Burger Bach, Richmond’s New Zealand... more

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Snow crab legs at Awful Arthurs. Photo by Rick Bancroft

If there’s anything Richmonders love as much as the beach, it’s seafood. OBX stickers, Facebook ocean photos – either gloating or wistful – and I-64 traffic, all are evidence of our affinity for sand and surf. So when you’re craving a taste of the... more

Restaurant Spotlights

Look around Sam Miller’s and you’ll immediately see that it’s not your average Shockoe Slip restaurant. There’s no run-of-the-mill fare or stodgy ambiance here. more

Restaurant Spotlights

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