Spending a day at a luxury retreat being pampered, slathered and lathered like royalty is a fantastic and unforgettable experience without a doubt. However, when sneaking a peek at your over-booked calendar or having a reality check of your ... more



Photos courtesy of The Homestead

It was a pleasant mid-fall afternoon when I turned off Interstate 85 near Staunton. I was heading towards Bath County. While I had grown up in the mountains of Virginia, in Franklin County, I had never spent any time in this neck of the woods. more


Ciao bella owners annamaria “Anna” Parlanti-Warmolts and Simone Warmolts have spent the past four years building their Midlothian business into a top-notch salon with an ultra-calming atmosphere. All their hard work hasn’t gone without notice. more

My Town


Photo by Vicki O' Neal

There is simply nothing like the presence of water to metaphorically cool a scene. A water feature, whether a pool, spa, or pond, instantly conjures a sense of relaxation and ease. Creating or enhancing an outdoor living environment... more



Photos courtesy of The Homestead

Take your get-in-shape resolution on the road to some of Virginia’s most luxurious resorts where fitness and pampering are anything but ordinary. more


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