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Real Winter

Vacationing in Bayfield and living in Bayfield are 2 different things. Already we are complaining it's too cold and too much snow too early. There was no winter carnival last year, the Blue Moon Ball has been cancelled due to lack of interest. It's a ghost town here all winter,except for weekends when the out of town snowmobilers take over, or if we are lucky enough to have the ice caves, thanks to national coverage last year, us locals can't enjoy them as they have become a circus of visitors.All the shops are closed, only one bar in town remains open. The dogsled races are the highlight of our winter, other than that it's either cabin fever or a hangover to get you through it.

Livingupnorth more than 3 years ago


As I mentioned at the outset of the article, I am used to being told to shut up about my love for winter weather. So, I do understand your point of view. And Idi appreciate that you did not tell me to shut up.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you are not with the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce.

Having never lived through a Bayfield winter, it would be immodest to take issue with your comments. But from what I have seen, there's plenty to enjoy during the other season (not winter).

Perhaps, if you'd like, I could pull a few strings and arrange a winter getaway to Buffalo.

Steve Cook more than 3 years ago

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