Keeping it Real in the Northern Neck



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Thank You All

Thanks for your comments. I had begged to be assigned this article as my father was born in Sharps. So, Sonja, I may be one of those cousins. Tiffany and Brenda, we also do a regular restaurant column online and in print (TasteBudz), so I'm going to have to have a taste of Lee's very soon. And Sarah, thank you for the heads up on the gallery. My hope is that we'll be doing some follow up pieces on the Northern Neck in coming issues. So if any of you have more "go to" suggestions, please share. And, again, we (I) really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Steve Cook more than 3 years ago

Nice article

What a well written article. Thanks. As a native Neck'r, this is a nice place to live and visit. Generations connect the locals here. We may all be cousins somewhere down the line. Some folks who never meandered to other destinations still speak with a certain dialect. You can hear it in certain words--deddy for daddy, Ju-lie for July and so on.

Sonja Headley more than 3 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for this wonderful review of the town that I am so fortunate to call home. I was born and raised in the Northern Neck. My family owns a long standing restaurant in the town of Kilmarnock. The restaurant was opened by my great grandfather in 1939. The restaurant is currently owned and run by my father, his brother, and their brother-in-law. Our family restaurant is named after our family, Lee's Restaurant. We still use many of the same recipes my great grandfather used when he started the restaurant. Many visitors say they feel like they are eating in a museum because of the late dated decor, the pictures of the past owners, and a framed copy of our first menu. The back wall of the restaurant is an original, hand painted mural, painted by a local Native American artist and is still as gorgeous as it was the day he painted it. The next time you are in town please let us know. We would love to have you as our special guest!!

Tiffany Lee more than 3 years ago

Lee's Restaurant is the best !!

Lee's Restaurant is the "go-to" place for all of the locals. My family was born in the Northern Neck and has lived and worked in this area for over 100 years.
Lee's Restaurant has scrumptious crab cakes, crunchy fried chicken and homemade fruit & cream pies. If you want to eat delicious local food then go to Lee's Restaurant in Kilmarnock.

Brenda Gay Efford Simmons more than 3 years ago

More to see

The Rappahannock Art League's Studio Gallery at 19 N. Main Street in Kilmarnock is also a stop not to be missed.

Sarah Soderlund more than 3 years ago

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